MES offers mechanical, chemical, and failure analysis of polymer materials.

polymer & PLASTICS testing LAB

The MES polymer testing lab offers a complete range of analyses for polymers and plastics. Our accredited mechanical test facility provides comprehensive properties testing, while our chemical analysis lab ensures product quality. Polymer chemical and mechanical properties are measured for material verification, selection or to identify problems such as contamination, design faults, molding issues, stress overload, service conditions, or end user abuse.


Typical mechanical tests performed at MES include tensile strength, compression, material hardness, Izod impact resistance, and flexural testing for a number of environmental conditions. Our in-house machine shop alloys us to fabricate sample coupons from sheet, rod, or other raw samples.


MES provides FTIR analysis for the identification of organic (carbon based) materials and the characterization of organic contaminants by Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR) and Micro FTIR. FTIR analysis is a reliable and cost-effective analytical tool for identification of polymers and plastics.


Our polymer lab also offers failure analysis, the process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of premature degradation or fracture. Root cause analysis often involves an organized series of tests across multidisciplinary areas. By offering a complete testing laboratory, MES can quickly solve even the most complex failures within one facility. By determining the source of the failure, we can help to prevent future failures. We start by taking the necessary time to understand and characterize the problem thoroughly. The experience of our multi-discipline staff of scientists and engineers can quickly help determine the root cause of a polymeric failure.

Polymer testing using FTIR analysis



  • ASTM Standards

  • API Standards

  • AWS Standards

  • MIL Standards

  • ISO Standards

  • ASME Standards


  • Accessibility to test area if field visit required

  • History of sample, if known